//Tuesday, November 20, 2012

  WaterField Unveils CitySlicker iPad Mini and iPad 4 Cases

WaterField Designs, a leading San Francisco manufacturer of custom-fitted laptop sleeves, bags and cases for digital gear, introduces the CitySlicker™ for the Apple iPad mini and the 4th generation iPad. The CitySlicker combines sturdy ballistic nylon with a distressed, leather flap that snaps securely shut, giving the ultra-modern case an old-world twist. WaterField offers additional iPad mini case choices.

Light and compact, the CitySlicker™ includes three layers of protection—impact-resistant plastic, high-grade neoprene, and a padded liner—to keep the iPad and iPad mini safe. The flap covers accessory pockets, and a back, semi-opaque pocket with a self-locking zipper stows additional items. Add optional D-rings and a strap to covert the case into a minimalist shoulder bag. The CitySlicker for iPad is available in a choice of six leather flap colors: black, chocolate, grizzly, nubock and peruvian.

"I designed the City Slicker to be compact like the iPad and capable of holding most of what I carry in my pants pocket (wallet, iPhone, etc.), plus the accessories I need to make my iPad work for me,” explained company founder, Gary Waterfield. “It works great as a stand alone case or to protect my iPad while inside another bag.”

WaterField Designs offers an additional array of iPad mini and iPad cases, including sleeves—the Ultimate SleeveCase™, the EXO SleeveCase™, the Slip Case, the Suede Jacket™, and the Smart Case™, and case-bag hybrids—the Wallet and the Travel Express™.

Pricing & Availability

iPad mini CitySlicker: Price: $89.

iPad CitySlicker: Price: $99.

Options: D-rings only: $5. Handle: $10. D-rings + Simple Strap: $12. D-rings +

Suspension Strap: $22.

Leather flap color choices: black, chocolate, grizzly, nubock and peruvian.

Pre-order now. Ships Nov. 28.

Waterfield Designs has long been known to make the most luxurious bags, cases, and accessories for all your favorite mobile products. If you're looking to get that special someone in your life one of the best when it comes to storing your devices check them out here . They offer something for every major mobile device on the market. The CitySlicker for iPad mini looks very tempting ;)

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