//Tuesday, November 27, 2012

  Tip to declutter Android's Notification Bar
A great feature of Android is its always in view Notification Bar. You can see tons of useful information but some apps insert themselves in there when it's not really necessary to have their icon taking up some real estate. Here's how to disable an app from showing up in the Notification Bar. I'm using an app called Adblock Plus as an example. You will need to be running Jelly Bean in order for this to work.

Adblock Plus is installed and you can see the "ABP" icon above my clock in the Notification Bar.

To stop that notification from appearing you'll need to go into Settings > Apps > Find Adblock Plus and uncheck "notifications".

Click OK to turn notifications for this app off.

The app will continue to run but will no longer take up space in your Notification Bar.



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