//Monday, November 19, 2012

  Oprah’s favorite thing this year is Microsoft’s PR budget
Microsoft is spending billions on marketing for Windows 8 and the Surface Tablet falls into that budget. How much money did Microsoft have to pay Oprah to get her to add the tablet to her “Oprah's Favorite Things Special”? Oprah is professing her love for Surface on Twitter still using the device she declared her "#1 Favorite Thing Ever!"— an iPad! What most people don’t realize and I’m sure Microsoft does not want people to know is how the Surface ended up making it on to her list. On her behind-the-scenes show documenting the making of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in November we got to see how the Surface made the cut. Oprah’s staff showed Oprah the Surface tablet for the first time ever and told her that a representative from Microsoft would be at the taping of the show to explain it to her and her audience. So unlike the iPad that Oprah professed to be her “#1 most favorite thing ever!” and has been seen personally using, Miss Winfrey never touched, used, or even heard of the Surface, until her staff and Microsoft’s PR added it to “Oprah’s Favorite Things” to try and promote it. Products included in her list can see sales go up by 350% like the Corkcicle, a wine-chilling cork that was also featured on the show.

I don’t remember Oprah having an Apple rep appear and explain to her and her audience what the iPad was and how to use it when she declared it her “#1 Favorite Thing Ever”, as evidenced by the above YouTube clip. Apple did not need to get the endorsement of Oprah to increase iPad sales while Microsoft on the other hand seems to need all the help they can get and clearly has the budget to buy their way into “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. Oprah still has yet to ever tweet anything from a Surface and continues to tweet from her “#1 Favorite Thing Ever!”, an iPad.

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