//Friday, November 16, 2012

  Miniaturizing the iPad makes a huge difference
Over the years Apple has found huge success in miniaturizing their most popular products. iPod mini, Mac mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, MacBook Air 11", all of these products were shrunken- down successful offsprings. The iPad mini is the latest in Apple's miniaturization cycle. It's everything you love about the full sized iPad in a smaller and sleeker package. Shrinking it doesn't feel like a compromise in any way. In my opinion it makes the iPad experience even more enjoyable. I've had my iPad mini for a few days now and I am using it much more than the 3 previous full-sized iPads I have owned. I carry it around and take it with me because it no longer feels like a device that's supposed to remain on a coffee table or a night stand due to it's almost 10" screen. It's incredibly thin and light which makes it a pleasure to hold and use for extended periods. Typing on it feels natural, especially in portrait mode using your thumbs. You don't have to adjust the way you're holding it in order to stretch your fingers across the device in order to type. The screen is still big enough to give you that "iPad experience" you know and love. It's all iPad and the mini in it makes all the difference and it's a huge difference!

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