//Tuesday, November 13, 2012

  Gambling on an iPad mini

Ever since the 1st iPad came out I have always wanted/wished Apple would make an iPad that was a little smaller, something that was a little easier to carry around in terms of size and weight. The iPad is super slim and gorgeous but after holding it for a while it can begin to feel a bit heavy. Apple had me excited when they announced the iPad mini and I began to wonder if I could look past the gorgeous Retina Display of my iPad 3 and "downgrade" to the iPad mini. I managed to have some self control and didn't get an iPad mini on launch day. I tried telling myself whenever the thought entered my head of wanting an iPad mini that my iPad 3 was superior and I'd sit this one out. Self control!!!

I was doing ok until I felt like I was being bombarded with iPad mini reviews, iPad mini commercials, and news coverage of Apple's newest iPad offspring. My self control was beginning to wane and I thought about my first ever Apple purchase. It was the original iPod mini back in 2004. At the time the iPod mini was announced, many iPod owners and soon to be iPod owners looked at the iPod mini as a step down compared to the classic iPod due to its storage and price difference. Much in the same way people are perceiving the iPad mini compared to the iPad. The iPod mini retailed for $249 for a 4GB model, while the 3rd generation classic iPod 10GB model retailed for $299 at the same time. Apple was taking a gamble on charging a premium for a smaller version in capacity and physical design of its iconic MP3 player. The design of the iPod mini won me over, I wanted something smaller than the classic iPod and I waited on line the day it was released. Apple's gamble paid off with the iPod mini and it would go on to be Apple's most successful iPod until Apple discontinued it and replaced it with the even more successful iPod nano. The iPad mini is going to do to the iPad what the iPod mini and iPod nano did to the classic iPod.

I decided to post my iPad 3 with Retina Display on Craiglist yesterday knowing if I sold it and purchased an iPad mini I was taking a huge gamble. Was I going to feel like I downgraded? Would I miss the beautiful Retina Display? If so, I knew I would be bumming and regretting giving into "having to have an iPad mini".

I'm happy to report someone got a great deal on my iPad 3. I reserved an iPad mini last night, and picked it up today. I have the same feeling I had when I took a gamble on purchasing the iPod mini. It's exactly what I wanted and more. The non-Retina Display is not an issue and the smaller size and weight easily makes this Apple's finest iPad to date. I have not put it down since I got my hands on it and I'm sure that was Apple's intention when it decided to add a smaller sibling to the iPad family. Don't ya just love when gambles pay off? ;)

A few comparison pics with my favorite gadgets.

MacBook Air 11" and iPad mini

iPad mini and iPhone 5

iPad mini and Verizon Galaxy Nexus

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