//Wednesday, November 28, 2012

  BUI-E: The Ultimate Minimal Thin Wallet

Displays Features of the BUI-E Wallet

The Right Choice- BUI-E

With its thin design and exceptionally functional features the BUI-E is sure to solve all your daily life wallet problems. From the 3 card rear pockets and its soft leather outer surface, to the front pocket push card slot and middle expandable elastic cash/card pocket, the BUI-E is a revolutionized modern day low profile wallet.

The BUI-E is made from a high grade quality leather that has been manufactured with precision. Every part of the design was carefully thought out and strategically positioned in order to produce the most functional minimal wallet ever.

Features of the BUI-E:

1. Front Push Card Slot Pocket for easy access of your favorite card

2. Middle expandable elastic pocket to hold cash/cards securely

3. 3 rear pockets for carrying additional important cards

4. Quality soft leather that look stylish and designed for the minimalist

5. Carries up to 8-10 cards comfortably

6. BUI-E product brand name on wallet

(Each wallet comes packaged in its very own product brand gift box)

More information can be found @ .


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