//Wednesday, October 03, 2012

  Nokia delusionally believes it offers an amazing feature that Apple can't compete with

Really, Nokia??? Nokia is spending millions trying to make a comeback and judging from their latest commercial they aren't helping themselves succeed. In their new commercial they copy Samsung's ad poking fun at iPhone users waiting on line to get the iPhone 5. If that's not bad enough they go on to highlight that the iPhone 5 is only available in black and white models. Nokia showcases that there's one feature that should make iPhone 5 customers choose a Nokia phone and that feature is the bright colors they paint their phones. Nokia actually thinks this is a feature that sets itself apart from the iPhone 5. Choice of color as a main feature is not how you should be planning your attack on the iPhone 5. C'mon Nokia you can do better than that, if not don't embarrass yourself and spend millions making such a foolish ad.

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