//Monday, October 22, 2012

  AirBuds beats Beats for me

One very cool perk of having a technology site is that I get to meet some great and talented people who have created some very cool and innovative products. One product I received recently is AirBuds which claim to be the most comfortable earbuds. I love earbuds due to their portability and fit and am always on the lookout to find my new favorite. I have at least 20 different earbuds because sound and comfortability is what makes or breaks what I’m willing to put in my ears day in and day out. Comfort is huge and quality of sound is equally as important, but if you don’t nail these two at the same time you can pretty much be certain people are going to be frustrated. It doesn’t matter how good the sound is if they’re not comfortable and vice versa.

Thankfully the team at AirBuds have nailed it. There’s no compromising comfort for sound or sound for comfort. There’s no room for compromise. AirBuds has successfully managed to create a pair of earbuds that sound amazing and feel equally amazing.

The reason they’ve been able to accomplish this lies in the design of the AirBuds. The AirBuds are made with an expandable memory foam material that forms to any ear size (they include 3 different pairs of Fit-All Foam Tips so you can get the perfect fit). The AirBuds also feature a flat tangle resisitant cable that does exactly what the name implies. I love not having to waste time and the frustration that comes with untangling cables. The cables have a flat cable design instead of the typical round cables found on most headphones. The flat cable design does an excellent job of keeping the AirBuds tangle free.

The AirBuds I received are Gunmetal Grey and perfectly compliment my Black and Slate iPhone 5. The hands free Smart Mic Technology equally compliments my iPhone 5 by allowing me to answer/end calls, change tracks, play and pause audio without ever having to remove my iPhone 5 from my pocket.

I’m happy to report that the AirBuds have replaced my much more expensive Beats Audio earbuds. The reason I’ve kicked the Beats Audio earbuds to the curb is the AirBuds have solved the frustration of constantly spending time untangling them, the earbud tips coming detached when removing them from my pocket, and most importantly the AirBuds produce an awesome sound when listening to music and speaking on my iPhone 5. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new set of earbuds to check out
AirBuds , and don’t let the $39.99 price fool you. Your ears and wallet will be beyond impressed!

You can find AirBuds @ .


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