//Wednesday, September 26, 2012

  Google to help iOS 6 users by bringing Google Maps Street View to Mobile Safari
David Pogue from The New York Times is reporting that Google will be bringing Street View to Mobile Safari via . Just like David Pogue I got lost using Apple's Maps app on my iPhone 5 last Friday while trying to visit my newborn niece in the hospital. It was at that moment I knew Apple had failed. Luckily I had my Galaxy Nexus with me and it saved the day. It got me to where I needed to be and that experience was enough to make me not use Apple's Maps apps because it just doesn't work reliably. Getting lost one time is enough to make a person not trust/rely on something that should just work. Hopefully Google will make an iOS 6 version of Google Maps and more importantly Apple should approve it, instead of making iOS users beta test a half baked solution. Getting to where you need to go is more important to me than helping Apple test something that clearly isn't ready for prime time.

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